The Coats® 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer is the newest member of the Coats® tire changer family, and builds on its legacy of durability, reliability, and upgradability. The 80C is an extension of the Coats® swingarm tire changer you have always known and trusted with new features such as a robust center lock mechanism with only two moving parts, a rugged 220V, 2 horsepower motor and completely redesigned convenience features. These operator-focused features all come together to give you the best tire changer platform in the business. Operate your shop with confidence, and the speed you expect from a swing arm tire changer, but with the added peace of mind of a center clamp.

Why do we (TOMAD) love the 80C?
1. It secures the rim from the center hub, like wheels were designed to be held. This presents less potential for damage due to operator error, worn clamps, etc.
2. Without rim clamps, the rim sizes that can be accommodated have a greater range, and you don’t have to change parts to go from smallest to largest.
3. The 220V 2hp motor is more robust & very efficient
4. The Powered Robo Roller in addition to the “tried & true” Robo Arm means lots of powered assist for tough, low profile tires
5. This model comes with the standard auxiliary bead sealer, which is an add-on option on other machines
6. Although it’s a new design, all of the components (pedestal, motor, robo arms) have been used on other machines and are time tested high performers.


TOMAD International