TOMAD International, Inc. welcomed over 25 customers from the entire Gulf region for exclusive hands-on training of the new Pro-Cut B17 bench lathe, as well as Pro-Cut’s PFM9.2 traditional on-the-car brake lathe.  The training was conducted at TOMAD’s state-of-the-art distribution and training center in Hamriyah, UAE from May17th-May19th.

Mr. Razmig Yahnian, TOMAD’s automotive training engineer, walked training participants through proper set-up and operation of both units.  Participants were given the opportunity to cut brake rotors using the B17.  Participants were amazed at the B17’s ease of operation and the smooth cut it makes on rotors.  Many makes and styles of rotors were cut, resulting in the same smooth finish one can expect.  In addition to the smooth cut, trainees appreciated the single-cut process of the B17, which saves time and increases efficiency, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

Training participants were also trained on the standard Pro-Cut PFM9.2 on-the-car brake lathe.  This product is what Pro-Cut is more traditionally known for.  While many participants were familiar with this product, several mentioned the necessity of an on-the-car brake lathe over a bench lather in their shops. Whatever your brake lathe need is, Pro-Cut’s offerings can provide the solution.

Hands-on training at TOMAD’s Hamriyah training facility continues to be the cornerstone of TOMAD’s value proposition to our customers and supplier partners.  We will continue to offer these valuable training events to keep our customers up-to-date on the latest Automotive Equipment Technologies on the market.

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