TOMAD International & INTERCABLE TOOLS GmbH successfully executed field training for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) the week of October 1 – October 7, 2022. The training took place in four separate locations which included regions of Saudi Arabia within SEC, Central Region, Eastern Region, Western Region, and The Al Qassim Region.

In addition to SEC, the Training Team of Hrayr Setoyan from TOMAD and Werner Auer from INTERCABLE guided contractors from the following companies: Al Janahin for Contracting, MMGroup (Mansour Al Mosaid Group), Muneef Al Nahdi, Al Jubay Advanced Company, Rammah Electric, Al Chakra, Dawsaa Group, Al Fousaa Contracting. Attendees from these contractor companies included professionals who work in roles such as Power Distribution Operator, General Electrical Contractor, Cable Termination Contractor, Cable Termination Team Supervisor, Electrical Maintenance Manager, Emergency Electrical Maintenance Operation Manager, Power Distribution Engineer. Seventy (70) people in all received the firsthand instruction.

products highlighted in the training included: • Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump • Earthing System • Safety Cutting Unit • Cutting Tools for cutting steel wire armoring • Cable Stripping Tools • Cable Lugs • Crimping Tools


Mr. Hrayr and Mr. Werner reported that such training in the field was the first of its kind. The level of product detail and instruction of use that the TOMAD/Intercable collaborators provided will allow SEC and their chosen Contractors to do their work in a safer and more efficient manager. The tools demonstrated during the training were part of a large SEC tender won by INTERCABLE Tools. Mr. Hrayr of TOMAD (field engineering representative of INTERCABLE), commented that “TOMAD and INTERCABLE are committed to do training at every level. There is a huge unmet need in the Electrical Market for this kind of in-depth, quality training and this was just the beginning of us meeting this need.”

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