About Us

We are a professional sales and marketing company specializing in the Middle East and Africa.

We take pride in the brands we represent.

Our supplier partner’s brands are readily recognized by the market regardless of the country. Our brands are recognized as leaders in the industry worldwide and are backed by quality U.S. manufacturing.

One of our strengths is our physical presence in the region through our sales office in Beirut, Lebanon and regional warehouse in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

This office is manned by 4 professional salesmen who speak Arabic, English and French and understands the nuanced cultures of this region of the world.

We are constantly traveling this region to meet one on one with our customers to better understand their needs and what we can do for them to help grow their business.

Our sales team focuses on continuous product training and education.

We believe this sets TOMAD apart and provides value to our distributor partners and their end user customers.

Technology changes so fast in today’s world and we believe it is our responsibility to keep our market apprised of the fast-changing business.

We get product from our supplier partners to our customers in the most efficient manner.

While it is not our only responsibility, it is an area of our business that we continue to improve.

Having product inventory in the region ready for immediate shipment from our Free Zone warehouse in the UAE provides unparalleled service to our distributor partners and their customers.

Our expertise in logistics, export documentation and individual country regulations allows for a seamless custom clearance process for our customers.

Who Is TOMAD International?

Worldwide recognizable brands


Quality products


Knowledgeable sales team in the territory


Sales team that speaks the local language


Ongoing product training and support

Product ready for shipment in the region

TOMAD International