CoolantClean III – MotorVac

CoolantClean is designed to exchange virtually all of the used coolant mixture in a vehicle?s cooling system, and do it in only a few simple steps! The CoolantClean coolant flush service can increase a shops profits by reducing the time it takes to do a complete fluid exchange to approximately 15 minutes. This new turn-key radiator service system is easy to use and compatible with most automotive vehicles.


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CoolantClean III – MotorVac

Part No. 500-5100PD
– Complete Coolant Exchange in Less Than 15 Minutes

– System now Allows for Both Static and Dynamic Operation

– One Multi-Function Switch Operation

– New On-Board Waste Tank has a 28 Quart Capacity

– Unique Vacuum Switch Allows for Cooling System Depressurization

– Easy Service Filter

Why Use the Motorvac CoolantClean System?
How Motorvac CoolantClean Works

CoolantClean’s advanced flush system allows complete control. CoolantClean connects through the upper radiator hose and provides a clean, “environmentally friendly” and systematic approach to servicing cooling systems. The unit will flush virtually all of the old coolant and replace it with the new coolant mixture in just a few easy steps! Normally, when a technician drains coolant from a vehicle, the process is time consuming, incomplete, messy and dangerous. The CoolantClean system changes all that. With CoolantClean, the process is quick, easy and safe. CoolantClean completes the fluid exchange faster and completely, even replacing the old coolant from the engine block and heater core. CoolantClean also has a unique vacuum system, which allows for radiator depressurization and reservoir fluid evacuation.

CoolantClean Solutions

MotorVac provides two solutions that when used will further enhance the CoolantClean service. A specially formulated radiator flush restores cooling system efficiency by removing rust, scale and other residues. A lubricant conditioner will help prevent rust and corrosion while lubricating the water pump. The solution also contains inhibitors that help prevent radiator deposits that cause clogging and overheating. Used together these solutions will improve overall maintenance of the coolant system and extend radiator life.


– Static or dynamic fluid exchange
– One switch, multi-function operation with “closed loop” mode at end of service
– Unique “vacuum switch” regulates system depressurization and fluid evacuation
– Complete flow synchronization maintains a 1-to-1 fluid ratio exchange
– Front panel controls all machine functions with pressure gauge and warning lights
– Industrial grade radiator hoses & adapters included to service most vehicles
– Dual pump operation
– Pressure is limited to 10 psi – if cap malfunctions, fluid will overflow into reservoir
– Vacuum is used to minimize clogging and potential damage to system components


Free 1-800 Technical Support Team
Simple – Connects through the radiator hose in about 2 minutes
Easy – Accessible function switches control all operations on the front panel
Safe – No spilled coolant on the floor and re-circulation protects the system
Fast – Complete coolant exchange service takes less than 15 minutes
Portable – Unit is powered by a 12 volt DC battery so you can use it anywhere
Convenient – No bay space is required to perform complete service
Reliable – 100% exchange provides the highest quality service to your customers

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