The two-day training session at the TOMAD International training facility in Sharjah (UAE) was successfully completed on November 26th. Numerous representatives from around the GCC (Gulf Countries) participated in the highly specialized training session involving the PFM 9.2 DRO On-Car brake lathe. “We would like to thank Dwight O’Hara from Pro-Cut for coming from the United States to lead the PFM 2.2 hands-on and classroom training sessions. One of the highlights of our training sessions is to provide interactive training with a subject matter expert (SME). This was accomplished by Dwight’s participation” said Ryan King, TOMAD Chief Operations Officer.


The PFM 9.2 DRO is a mid-sized lathe that is approved or required by almost every OEM and many retailers. With a speed lock cutting head, 4 wheels adjustable trolley and electronic reporting on lathe use, the PFM is easily recognizable as one of the best on-car brake lathes on the market. “In addition to representing world-class brands and products, we wanted to provide world-class training opportunities for our customers to learn from subject matter experts,” said Tom Briere, President of TOMAD. “We feel like these sessions add so much value to who we are as a company in assisting our customers to learn the equipment and to sell the services they provide. We look forward to our next training session in 2020.
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