On May 5th, TOMAD offered up to its customers and partners an online training session with Bosch/Robinair.    This “A/C Online Trading” session involved over 75 participants from around the world and topics covered include:

  • 1234yf refrigerant
  • Differences between SAE J2843 vs J2788 (and why is it important)
  • Differences between 123a and 1234yf
  • Hybrid AC service

“In an effort to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with our distributors and customers, we were pleased to put this training session together” said Ryan King, Chief Operations Officer. “ Our professional sales and training staff in the Beirut office have created a nice plan to create educational opportunities for our partners to not only gain a better technical understanding of their products, but how to sell those services to the end consumers.”

TOMAD plans to offer more services in the coming months.


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