TOMAD International is in Saudi Arabia today (Jan 8th) and tomorrow (January 9th) conducting training with customers with the Bosch AC1234-8i A/C service units. These units are well qualified for efficient maintenance and repair tasks on passenger-car and commercial-vehicle air conditioning systems working with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. Including all functions for maintenance and repair tasks, they optimize and ease workflows at workshops thus increasing their economy. The new A/C service units work fully automatically.

The unit has an innovative graphic user interface with a 7-inch color display that supports the workshop employee concerning both operation and monitoring. In addition, the display also provides instructions on service preparation tasks and maintenance procedures. Via a smartphone app, the user can also check the device status and the work progress in real-time and remotely – e.g. from another work station. The app allows quick exchange of data between A/C service units, a vehicle database, and workshop software. The integrated printer creates a comprehensive report thus generating a transparent overview of the maintenance results for both operators and workshop customers.

The AC1234-8i meets all of the vehicle manufacturers’ international standards for more environmentally friendly handling of both of the refrigerants. Releasing non-condensed gases, for instance, is now controlled electronically reducing the risk of refrigerant loss. The new devices recover 99 percent of the refrigerant from the vehicle in a shorter time thanks to the exclusive “Deep recovery” function. Electronic pressure and temperature controls ensure a premium level of precision at the refrigerant filling. An independent and hermetically sealed fresh-oil injection system prevents cross-contamination of different oils. As the top of the line model for Bosch, the AC1234-8i contains a refrigerant detection system that also checks the degree of purity of the R1234yf refrigerant.

The training was conducted by Razmig Yahnian. Razmig has served as a Technical Support/Sales Manager for TOMAD since 2004. He has over 18 years of experience in automotive repairs (mostly mechanical, tranny, brakes, electrical etc…) and has conducted classes throughout the Middle East.

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