On June 3rd, TOMAD will be offering its second online distributor training session with Pro-Cut USA.    This “On-the-Car Online Training” session will consist of a live demonstration of the On-the-Car brake lathe in action by the Pro-Cut staff in the USA.  This event will be at 4 pm in Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait) or 5 pm in the UAE.

“Once again, we are pleased to offer up another opportunity for our distributors and customers to gain a better technical understanding of a very unique product” said Ryan King, Chief Operations Officer. “ Our professional sales and training staff in the Beirut office are always looking for ways for our partners to gain new insights into the many time-saving, cost effective products that we offer.”

Please sign up for the upcoming ProCut online training via our website at the link above.  To receive credit (and a certificate of completion) for this training, please write “PROCUT – JUNE 2020 TRAINING” in the Comments/Questions section below.  Your certificates will be emailed to the email address provided after completion of the training.




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