TP10AS Two Post Lift – IndyPro

The TP10AS features our innovative super symmetric® (2 in 1) technology providing technicians the versatility to lift vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically upon demand.With standard features that include adjustable height, direct drive, powder coat finish, stackable rubber pads and many other appealing features, the TP10AS accommodates the most demanding lift requirements.

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TP10AS Two Post Lift – IndyPro

Lifting Capacity: 10,000 lbs (4.5T)
Lifting Time: 52 Seconds


Supersymmetric (2 in 1) arms increase overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles:

  • – Asymmetric or Symmetric lifting in the same service bay
  • – Visually marked pick-up points on the vehicle.
  • – Uni-body design vehicles Wider and low profile vehicles
  • – Both short and long wheel bases
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drived cylinders made on ANSI standard
  • Single-point safety release, allow technician to disengage both coloumn simultaneously
  • Self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bush
  • Clear-floor design, provide unobstructed floor use
  • Overhead safety shut-off device prevents vehicle damage
  • Stackable rubber pads and 1.5”, 3”, 6” adapters as standard supply
  • Standard adjustable heights accomodates varying ceiling heights
  • Standard door guards
  • Standard toe guards on lifting arms
  • Optional adjustable widths accomodate varying service bay sizes
  • Hydraulic power unit


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