6296 Heavy Duty 12/24 Volt – 720 CCA Portable Power & Jump Starter – Associated

6296 ATEC Kwikstart 12/24 Volt Portable Power and Jump Starter with Internal Charger – With two 12 volt 22 AH AGM batteries this unit delivers best in class performance by; jump starting with more than 700 CCA, 12 or 24 volt operation with a three position switch for added safety, 12 volt DC accessory outlet.

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Two 12 Volt 22Ah Heavy-Duty Sealed AGM Battery provides “Best in Class” Performance

– Jump starts with 720 CCA of power
– Three position”12V/OFF/24V” Switch with Easy-to- 
Read LED Battery Status Indicator
– Two 12 Volt DC Accessory Outlet to Power and/or 
Recharge DC Electronics
– LED Work Light
– Ideal for jump-starting cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and 
– Up to 100 hours of portable 12 Volt DC for power 
tools, work lights and more
– Heavy Duty 500A Insulated Clamps
– Designed for rough use
– UL listed external wall charger
– Patented IMPORTED

Product Features :

Powerful Performance :

  • Two 12 Volt 22 AH Heavy-Duty Sealed AGM Batteries provides Best in Class Performance
  • Jump starts with over 700 CCA of power
  • Three Position “24V/OFF/12V” Switch with Easy-to-Read LED Battery Status Indicator 12V DC Accessory Outlet
  • Heavy Duty Clamps with 2AWG 66” Long Cables
  • Use Any Standard Extension Cord to Charge (Extension Cord not included)


– Complete with insulated clamps
– “Smart” 1000 mA Internal Charger with Built-In Overcharge Protection – Prolongs Battery Life


– Designed for rough use
– Three Position “24V/OFF/12V” Switch with Easy-to-Read
– LED Battery Status Indicator

Specifications :

Shipping Dimensions (HxWxD): 10”x16 ¾”x18 ¾“
Weight: 44 LBS
Voltage: 12/24V
DC leads: 66” 2AWG
Cold cranking amps: 720A
Peak amps: 3400A
Battery power: 12V/44/AH (2)
Charge control circuit : Auto/1000mA


Additional information

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 13.5 × 12 × 10 in

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