110 Amp Parallel Battery Charger


• 110 Amp Parallel Battery Charger, Powerful Performance

• Charges 1 -36, 12 volt batteries, in parallel, in less than 24 hours

• Designed for 190 – 262vac 50/60Hz electrical environments

• Includes a pigtail rectifier with a deep reserve capacity

• Digital Control shows testing efficiency results

• Manufactured with important safety precautions in place

• Circuit breaker protection and isolated transformer provides added safety

• Can be mounted on a wall or bench


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Ammeter: 0-110 A

Voltmeter: Digital 1-19 V

Weight: 83 LBS.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 26”x17”x14”

Shipping Limited Warranty: 1 YEAR

AC cord: Permanent Installation Only

DC leads: 5’ 1 AWG

DC output: 110A,15.5V

AC input: 190-262 V, 13.8 A, 50/60 Hz

Charging capacity: Up to Thirty-Six 12 V

Charging rates: 16

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