Aero has long been recognized as a transportation industry innovator.

Contributions to efficiency and productivity include: The first Side Kits for flatbed trailers, the first side-to-side tarp system, and the Conestoga — a sliding tarp system that turns a flatbed into a fully covered van in just seconds.

Developing products first and always enhancing the products in their catalog, Aero Industries holds over 75 patents in the U.S. and Canada and holds copyrights and trademarks for nearly every product they manufacture.

Aero prides themselves with the research that goes into each of their products. Utilizing months of testing, Aero analyzes every variable to determine the most efficient and effective solution.



Aero was founded in Indianapolis in 1944 by Paul Tuerk as Aero Canvas Products. Initially a manufacturer of tarps, the company soon expanded its product line and achieved a reputation as a leader in the development of accessories for the transportation industry. Aero’s history as a leader in the industry spans from introducing the first aluminum stake Side Kit to rolling out the first sliding tarp system, the Conestoga, in 1984.

Today, Aero is enjoying its third generation of Tuerk family leadership under company Chief Executive Officer Jim Tuerk, with a history of steady sales growth. In December 2004, the Indianapolis headquarters moved into a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with over 140,000 sq. ft. of space. Additional locations are operated in Omaha and Valley, Nebraska; and Kent, Ohio.

Easy Cover – Product Overview

Conestoga XP – Product Overview

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