“TOMAD International is pleased to announce a partnership with Stan Design Inc. in Mississauga, ON (Canada) to represent their revolutionary and patented Scorpion Jack line in the Middle East, Africa, and West Asia. While some jacks have become a disposable product due to a lack of innovation and quality parts, Scorpion Jacks are built to last. Their jack design is patented and they are made to last many years….not just months.

“We are pleased to partner with Stan Design in our areas,” said Ryan King, COO of TOMAD International. “When we looked at products and brands to complement our current offerings, we found the Scorpion Jack line to be a perfect fit especially for our military and defense customers.”

“The MJ25 Military Service Jack is designed specifically for military vehicles with 25,000lb lifting capacity using air/hydraulics. It also contains a three-stage (Low, Medium, High) mechanical lock that allows the jack to transform into a vehicle stand safely and efficiently,” said King.

“One of the most impressive products, to me, is the MJ75 Tracked and Wheeled Vehicle Service Lift System, ” said King. “The MJ75 is an 80,000 lbs capacity dual hydraulic/scissor lifting system for all tracked or wheeled military vehicles. The system utilizes two MJ75 Jacks which provides a total of 160,000 lbs of lifting capacity. The two jacks are driven by an electric hydraulic power pack but synchronized hydraulically with two safety lock positions. There is a stationary version as well as a portable version thus making this ideal for any military.”

For more information on Scorpion Jacks, please contact the Indianapolis (USA) office of TOMAD at (317) 870-1199 or reach out via [email protected]


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